Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Stacks on Stacks--Lessons in Layering: Necklaces

As I said in the previous post, I'm a costume jewelry fiend. Although bracelets are certainly my muse right now, necklaces are what got me started. This particular one was an earlier favorite, although some of the baubles have fallen off and it has certainly seen its better days.

But I had been avoiding it lately, because I've worn it so much over the years, and it was getting quite boring. But one adventurous day, I drew inspiration from my tendency to stack bracelets and set out on a mission to buy a basic gold necklace that would be a perfect layering piece. This one did the trick!

I saw this piece immediately after I walked into the store, and even though I usually don't grab the first thing I see, the texture and color were too perfect to give up.

And... voila! Fixed the necklace for good. Although this idea wasn't that innovative, it made me so happy to breathe some new life into an old favorite! I'm probably heavily biased, but I certainly think that the added chain makes this necklace look much more interesting and sophisticated.

Anyone else with a fun jewelry layering experience?

Top Photo: Bauble Necklace (AEO--Old but similar here)
Middle Photo: Gold Chain Necklace (F21)


  1. Beautiful necklace !

  2. oh but the outcome is very lovely!
    I'd buy a necklace like that in the store!:)

    1. Thanks! It's really easy to recreate the look--just need two similar necklaces :)

  3. Why not get more from your jewelry by layering! I thought it was a fun idea and tried out some different looks with Layered Necklaces.