Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Times Are A-Changin': Bracelets

My first *real* post! I decided to start entries titled "Times Are A-Changin", a series of tales dedicated to me rebelling against my self-imposed fashion rules.

Long ago, I banished bracelets from my shopping realm. As a perpetually writing/typing student, the jingling drove me nuts, and bangles always traveled far too long on my arms/hands, thanks to my small Asian wrists. However, as I started following fabulous blogs like Atlantic-Pacific and Man Repeller, I reconsidered. These ladies had the art down to a tee, and I came to the realization that  layering bracelets could be a fun new way of accessorizing, rebelling against my staple statement necklace routine.

And so, off to the mall I went. Anyone that knows me at all knows that I looove inexpensive costume jewelry, so F21 was my first stop. As for the small wrists issue, I still avoid round bangles because they're awkward on my arms, but I'm all open to oval hinge cuffs and adjustable chain bracelets! I also try to layer them in order so that smaller bracelets will hold up the larger cuffs.

This was the haul from my first bracelet hunting adventure, and I fell so in love with these that it quickly led to my second haul...

Well, the middle one is a hair tie, a lifetime habit. As for the skull bracelet, I'm really not a skull person by any means (if you need any assurance, my entire room is pink & green...) but I fell in love with it instantly. I want to go to a craft store and hot glue gun some rhinestones into the hollowed eyes, but we'll see... I may end up buying a second one in case I mess up!

Anyone else with an unhealthy obsession with the "Arm Party"?

Top Photo: Pyramid Hinge Bracelet (F21), Leatherette Wrap (Similar here), Braided Bracelet (Similar here)Bottom Photo: J.Crew, goody hair tie, Skinny Torq Bracelet (ASOS)


  1. loving your bracelets! the skull one is so cute :)

    1. Thank you so much! The skull one is definitely my favorite :)